Canada-BC Job Grant 

New Program available to BC Employers

The Canada-BC Job Grant helps you invest in your workforce, equipping workers with the necessary training to make your business succeed.

This Program provides employers with funding to help offset the cost of training for new or existing employees.

Your business could receive two-thirds of the cost of training to a maximum government contribution of $10,000 per employee. Currently, there is no maximum an employer can receive.

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 IT’S EASY – we do the work – you get the funds!

Bowman Employment Services Inc. is a Canada-BC Job Grant Delivery Partner.

We offer the following services for BC employers:

  • assistance with Grant Applications,
  • help to assess employee skills needs,
  • develop training plans, and,
  • co-ordinate training.

Don’t miss out on this opportunity for your business!

HOW MUCH funding can you receive? 

You can receive up to two-thirds of the cost of training to a maximum government contribution of $10,000 per employee; you are required to contribute the remaining one-third.

For example, if an employer is seeking training valued at $150, the Grant will provide $100 and the employer will contribute $50. Currently, there is no maximum an employer can receive.

For details about Canada-BC Job Grant funding, see GRANT INFORMATION.

WHO can apply?

All British Columbia private sector and not-for-profit sector employers are eligible to apply for the Grant to help fund training for jobs located within BC.

If you are self-employed in BC and you can show a link between the needs of your business and the training you are seeking for yourself, you may be eligible for the Grant.

See EMPLOYER or PARTICIPANT eligibility to learn more.

 Do you work directly with BC employers?

If so, please pass on this incredible funded training opportunity to your clients and members.

The Canada-BC Job Grant is open to all private sector and not-for-profit sector BC employers.

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Get Youth Working Program 

Funding Available

Funding is still available through the Get Youth Working Program.
We are accepting applications for new hires.

The GYW Program offers employers a $2,800 hiring incentive to hire eligible youth between the ages of 15-29. Additionally, employers may request up to $1,000 to purchase training for the newly-hired youth.


Have you used the GYW Program previously?

Existing employers who have hired through the program previously, may qualify to hire an eligible youth.

If you have used the GYW Program previously or applied and were approved,  submit this short Approved Employer Form if you are ready to hire a youth.


For more information about the GYW Program visit our website at


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