The BC Chamber’s MMBC Efforts

Our network was the first B.C. business organization to raise concerns about the rollout of MMBC’s program. In summer 2013, the BC Chamber, working with local Chambers, was the first business organization in B.C. to sound the alarm about the rollout and planned implementation of the government’s recycling regulation on packaging and printed paper (PPP).

  • The BC Chamber, working with local Chambers, has led the charge to fix the situation. Consulting extensively with local Chambers, the BC Chamber engaged at length with both MMBC and the provincial government to find fixes that mitigate unintended consequences on B.C. businesses from this regulation as B.C. pushes forward with extended responsibility programs.
  • The BC Chamber has been very pleased with the B.C. government’s response to our requests: Government has OK’d all fixes to this regulation and its implementation that the BC Chamber has recommended. As the result of our advocacy, the B.C. government has exempted from this regulation any business that meets one or more of these criteria:
    • Any business with less than $1 million in gross annual sales
    • Any business that annually produces less than 1 tonne of packaging and printed paper; and
    • Any business with a point of sale, with the exception of chains. introduced three exemptions to protect small businesses and small producers of packaging and printed

Additionally, to give our network the certainty we requested, government enshrined these exemptions in regulation.

  • The MMBC file has been a significant win for the Chamber network and a significant cross-sectoral win for B.C. business. The BC Chamber and its local Chamber partners have been able to achieve a major win for B.C. businesses regarding the government’s recycling regulation on packaging and printed paper. By working productively with government and Multi Material BC, and looking for realistic, win-win solutions, we have significantly reduced the number of B.C. businesses that face impacts under the regulation. Currently, 99% of B.C. businesses, including B.C.’s smallest businesses and smallest producers of PPP, face no impact (no fees/no red tape) under this regulation.
  • The BC Chamber will continue to monitor this regulation’s implementation closely and, if further problems arise for our membership, engage further with government to find solutions. The BC Chamber, in partnership with local Chambers, has committed to continuing to monitor the implementation of this regulation. If our members raise additional concerns on this file, the BC Chamber will further engage with government to look for additional proactive solutions.