Regional “Snapshot” – 2013 Flood

Tuesday, June 25, 2013 – 11:45pm

The Latest:

A Look Around the Region

  • Wasa – A State of Local Emergency has been declared for Wasa. The Lake is expected to rise another 10”-12” over the next 24 hours (Tuesday afternoon through Wednesday). A Forestry Unit crew worked throughout the day today sandbagging. A total of 13,500 sandbags have been delivered to the community and 12 pumps are on site. Kootenay Pond (the slough) dropped 22cm in the past 24 hours and is draining into the Kootenay River. Cameron Pond flapgate is open and draining.
  • Hosmer – Clean up kits from the Red Cross have been picked up by many members of the community. The RDEK Board of Directors has waived tipping fees for all flood-related loads of garbage and bins were set up in Hosmer to help those affected by flooding in their homes have access for disposal during clean up.
  • Fernie – a State of Local Emergency remains in effect. All City parks remain closed as City staff continue assessments to determine the full extent of the damage. The parks are expected to remain closed for at least the balance of the week.
  • West Fernie – West Fernie Dike is holding stable and drainage has returned to normal. The RDEK Board of Directors has waived tipping fees for all flood-related loads of garbage and bins were set up in West Fernie to help those affected by flooding in their homes have access for disposal during clean up.
  • Cokato – Information has been delivered to the homes on Thompson Road regarding well testing / drinking water safety.
  • Elkford – The engineer is on site to complete the dike assessments and determine the funding required for top priority items that need to be repaired. The District of Elkford is providing residents affected by flooding with information on Disaster Financial Assistance and the proper steps to take if your well/septic has been impacted. Damage assessments for flooded residences will be conducted Thursday.
  • Sparwood –City staff are assessing trails and parks for damage. Efforts are also underway to replace a water line that was damaged in the flooding.
  • Dutch Creek – The Declaration of a State of Local Emergency remains in place. An evacuation alert for the HooDoos Resort Campground and neighbouring residences is still in effect. Heavy equipment is nearing completion on the rip rap reinforcement along the banks of Dutch Creek. Water Stewardship BC was on site inspecting the Creek again today and levels on the creek remained unchanged from yesterday.
  • Fairmont Hot Springs – both Fairmont Creek and Cold Spring Creek remain within their channels. Work continues on culvert maintenance near the Riverside Golf maintenance shed due to ongoing sedimentation.

Highways Update

Highway 93/95 remains single lane alternating traffic at Wasa due to erosion on the shoulders following flooding over the weekend. Work continues at the bridge at Skookumchuck and its hoped that the Highway will be reopened to two-lane traffic as early as Thursday.

Disaster Financial Assistance Approved by Province

The RDEK made application to Emergency Management BC (EMBC) for Disaster Financial Assistance (DFA) for “Overland Flooding”. The Province has approved the Regional District of East Kootenay for DFA for all rural areas and municipalities with the RDEK. This means full-time residents can fill out claim forms and submit them for a portion of the cleanup costs related to the flooding that are not covered by insurance. The DFA program is provincial (not RDEK) and is only available to full-time residents (not seasonal). Applications for Disaster Financial Assistance are on EMBC’s web site at

Backcountry Safety Reminder

The Forest Service is requesting people not travel on back roads until the conditions are drier for safety reasons and to prevent rutting on the roads. Forest Service Road closures at present include:
Perry Creek bridge at 2km will be closed from July 2 to July 6 for deck replacement. Flathead FSR from Corbin south to Flathead town site there are multiple washouts including all bridges and culverts. McClatchie FSR is closed at the Squaw Creek Bridge due to bridge washout. River Road FSR at 3km, near Elko, approach to bridge is damaged. Use caution when crossing. Wildhorse FSR is closed at 15.5km due to large rocks on road. Mause Creek FSR is closed at 4km due to land slide on road. Summer Lake FSR is closed at 50km due to washout. Mitchell Creek FSR is closed at 32km due to bridge washed out. Whiteriver (Whiteswan) FSR is closed at 32.5km due to bridge approach washout, 37km due to washout, and 44km bridge is washed out. Bull River FSR is closed at 32km due to water on road, 52km and 54km half of road gone and not passable, 63km and 68km due to washouts, 71km due to land slide, 92km due to river on road, and 94km due to washout. Elk River FSR is closed at 2km due to water on road, 104km, 118km and 123km road closed due to washout, 125km bridge approach is washed out, 138km due to debris slide on road, 140km bridge is closed (both approaches washed out), 145km Weary Creek bridge washed out. Kootenay FSR is closed at 5km due to water flowing over road, 32km due to bridge approach to washout. Skookumchuk FSR is closed at 35km due to washout. St. Marys West Fork bridge is closed at 10km due to washout at bridge. Findlay FSR is closed at 20km due to high water. High potential for bridge damage. Lavington FSR is closed at 18km due to washout at bridge. Albert River is closed at 56Km due to washout. St. Mary’s Lake outlet bridge is closed due to high water and instability. The bridge is closed at this time. The bridge will be replaced between July 15 to August 31, 2013. Jumbo Pass Road is closed at 9km due to avalanche. The Gray Creek Pass is closed at 3km due to washout.
For more information:

  • Contact Information Officer Loree Duczek at 250-919-3489