HIGHLIGHTS is a monthly publication of the Regional District of East Kootenay.

The Regional Board meets on the first Friday of each month (subject to periodic change) at the RDEK office in Cranbrook. Board Meetings are open to the public. For more information on this publication, contact Loree Duczek at lduczek@rdek.bc.ca or visit www.rdek.bc.ca

Wasa Area—Use of RVs on Residential Property

The Board gave first and second reading to Bylaw 2381 to amend the Wasa and Area Land Use Bylaw to permit the placement and seasonal occupancy of up to two recreational vehicles on R-1 and R-1(A) zoned property. Bylaw 2381 reverses a decision made in 2004 to prohibit RVs in the R-1 and R-1(A) zones and is based on the comments and feedback received from area residents and landowners over the past 6 months. The public hearing on Bylaw 2381 will be held at the Wasa Community Hall on Wednesday August 22. Contact: Andrew McLeod  250-489-2791 – Manager of Planning & Development Services

Elk Valley Solid Waste Continues to be Hauled to Alberta

The agreement with the Crowsnest Pincher Creek Landfill Authority for disposal of the Elk Valley Subregion solid waste will be extended to August 31, 2013 at the rate of $65.28 per tonne.  Contact: Jim Penson 250-489-2791 –  Solid Waste Superintendent

Applications to be Submitted for Infrastructure Improvement Program

Applications will be submitted to the 2012 Community Infrastructure Improvement Fund for the following projects:

  • Edgewater Community Ballpark
  • Crossroads Community Ballpark
  • Wycliffe Regional Park

Contact: Chris Bosman 250-489-2791 – Recreation & Control Services Supervisor

Access Guardian

A funding application will be submitted to the Columbia Basin Trust Community Development Program for the 2013 and 2014 Access Guardian Program. CBT funded the Access Guardian in 2012 and, based on the Program’s success this year, the funding application will be submitted for the coming two years. Contact: Shannon Moskal 250-489-2791 – Community Services Manager

Cherry Creek Falls

The RDEK will be making application for Crown land in the vicinity of Cherry Creek Falls to create a new Electoral Area E Regional Park. The Cherry Creek Falls area is a popular day use recreation site that has been the subject of a number of development proposals over the past few years. Presently, there is a rock quarry proposal being considered by the Ministry of Energy and Mines for the area. By making the application for Crown land the Board wants to demonstrate that the RDEK is committed to preserving this natural amenity for the enjoyment of area residents and visitors. Contact: Andrew McLeod 250-489-2791 – Manager of Planning & Development Services

No Second Petition for Dry Gulch Water

A second petition process for the proposed Dry Gulch Water System will not be undertaken. RDEK staff have now been authorized by the Board to meet with the communities of Wilmer and Spur Valley to discuss the feasibility of water system upgrade projects in those communities proceeding if the BC Water Improvement Program funding was reallocated to assist with the projects. Contact: Brian Funke 250-489-2791 – Engineering Services Manager

Recycling Contract Extension

South Sky Recycling Ltd. will continue on as the RDEK’s contractor for the collection and processing of recyclable materials. The RDEK’s contract with South Sky has been extended through September 30, 2014. Contact: Jim Penson 250-489-2791 – Solid Waste Superintendent

Columbia Valley Directed Funds Community Development Program Moves Forward

The Chair and CAO have been authorized to sign the Contribution Agreement with Columbia Basin Trust for the Columbia Valley Directed Funds Community Development Program. The Columbia Valley Directors have been appointed to the Committee that will oversee the administration of the Program. Their first official meeting will be held August 16th. Contact: Gerry Taft 250-342-9281 –RDEK Columbia Valley Directors Chair

New Park in the Works for Electoral Area C

The RDEK will make an application to the Ministry of Forests, Lands and Natural Resource Operations and Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure for the required tenure agreements; and, will make an amendment to the Regional Parks Plan to designate an area identified by the Aldridge Community Association as an Electoral Area C Park. Contact: Andrew McLeod 250-489-2791 – Manager of Planning & Development Services

In Support of Rural Post Offices

Letters will be sent to Canada Post and MP David Wilks stating that local government must be consulted prior to changes to mail delivery methods or post office closures in rural communities. Contact: Rob Gay 250-489-4242 – RDEK Board Chair

Discretionary Grants In Aid (DGIA)

The Rocky Mountain Riders will receive $1000 from the Electoral Area E DGIA account for the construction of an equine obstacle course. Contact: Jane Walter 250-427-2577 – Electoral Area E Director

The Tretheway Beach Society will receive $5000 from the Electoral Area F DGIA account to go toward an engineering assessment to prevent future flooding of Windermere Creek. Contact: Wendy Booth 250-345-6155 – Electoral Area F Director


Thursday September 6, 2012

Committee Meetings TBA

Friday September 7, 2012

RDEK Board Meeting 9:00am

Other RDEK Happenings

Public Hearings:

Wednesday, August 22, 2012—7:00pm

Wasa Community Hall – 6145 Wasa School Road – Bylaw 2381—Wasa—Ta Ta Creek—Skookumchuck—Sheep Creek Land Use Bylaw No. 1625, 2002—Amendment Bylaw No. 19, 2012 (Miscellaneous Amendments / RDEK)

Thursday, August 23, 2012—7:00pm

Fairmont Hot Springs Resort—Spruce Room – 5225 Fairmont Resort Road – Bylaw 2376—Upper Columbia Valley Zoning Bylaw No. 900, 1992—Amendment Bylaw No. 271, 2012 (Columbia Lake/Columere Park Developments Ltd.)

Public Meetings:

Columbia Valley Community Directed Funds Committee Meeting – Thursday, August 16, 2012—11:30am