J U L Y 2 0 1 4 – RDEK Highlights

HIGHLIGHTS is a monthly publication of the Regional District of East Kootenay. The Regional Board meets on the first Friday of each month (subject to periodic change) at the RDEK office in Cranbrook. Board Meetings are open to the public. For more information on this publication, contact Loree Duczek at lduczek@rdek.bc.ca or visit  www.rdek.bc.ca

New Area A Flood Control Service Establishment

Bylaw Adopted
The new Area A Flood Control Service will help fund flood mitigation projects in Electoral Area A, along with the operation and maintenance of flood control infrastructure.
A reserve fund will be created to allow the RDEK to have the matching funding required when grant programs are undertaken. Revenue generated by user fees in the Solid Waste Service will be used to reduce the taxes collected for that service, which will offset the cost of the new Flood Control Service thereby keeping taxation neutral. Contact: Mike Sosnowski 250-423-1029

Electoral Area A DirectorMeetings with Ministers During UBCM

RDEK Directors are hoping to meet with a number of Ministers during the upcoming Union of BC Municipalities Convention. The following meetings will be requested:

Minister of Community, Sport and Cultural Development (to express thanks for the Minister’s support for the West Fernie Servicing & Restructure Project)

Minister of Environment (MMBC recycling and Columbia Lake Park) 

Minister of Forests, Lands and Natural Resource Operations (Windermere Creek) 

Minister of Health (Invermere Heliport—helicopters not meeting standards) 

Minister of Agriculture (ALR Policy) 

Contact: Lee-Ann Crane 250-489-2791 CAO

Community Works Fund Agreement Signed 

The RDEK has signed the Community Works Fund Agreement with the Union of BC Municipalities for the period April 1, 2014 to March 31, 2024. The new agreement includes an increased range of eligible projects, such as sport infrastructure, recreational infrastructure, cultural infrastructure, tourism infrastructure disaster mitigation and broadband connectivity. There is also a broadening of qualified projects within most existing project categories. Contact: Shawn Tomlin 250-489-2791 Chief Financial Officer

ALR Delegated Decision

The Board considered an application for a non-farm use inthe Agricultural Land Reserve (ALR) to permit a secondary suite in a detached garage in the Cokato area. The
application was approved by the Board under the Electoral Area A Delegation Agreement. Contact: Karen MacLeod 250-489-2791 Acting Planning & Development Services Manager

New Post Office Location for Wasa

The adoption of Bylaw 2527 was authorized by the Board. The Bylaw will allow for relocation of the Wasa  Post Office to a property on Wasa Lake Park Drive. Contact: Karen MacLeod 250-489-2791 Acting Planning & Development Services Manager 

Revised Environmentally Sensitive Areas Guidelines Adopted


The Environmentally Sensitive Areas Development Permit Area in the Rockyview Official Community Plan has been updated with the adoption of Bylaw 2516. The revised guidelines are intended to clearly identify the specific environmental value of concern and applicable guidelines during development activities. Contact: Karen MacLeod 250-489-2791 Acting Planning & Development Services Manager 

Directors Appointed to Regional Advisory Committee

Director Wayne Stetski and Director Heath Slee have been appointed to represent the RDEK on the Columbia Basin Regional Advisory Committee. Contact: Lee-Ann Crane 250-489-2791 CAO

Cranbrook City Council Invited to Meet With the Board Mayor Stetski and Cranbrook City Council will be invited to attend an upcoming RDEK Committee meeting to discuss
the establishment of a joint Recreation Committee. Contact: Lee-Ann Crane 250-489-2791 CAO

RDEK Staff to Conduct School Trustee Election 

RDEK staff have been authorized to conduct the 2014 School Trustee election for School District No. 5—Trustee Electoral Area 4 (RDEK Electoral Area B) and School
District No. 6—Trustee Electoral Area 4 (RDEK Electoral Area F and Canal Flats) and Trustee Electoral Area 5 (RDEK Electoral Area G and Radium Hot Springs).
Contact: Lee-Ann Crane 250-489-2791 Chief Election Officer

Invermere Public Library Board Appointments

Tom Symington and Gerriann Donahue have been appointed as Electoral Area F representatives and Norm Funnell has been appointed as Electoral Area G representative on the Invermere Public Library Board for the term expiring December 31, 2015. Contact: Lee-Ann Crane 250-489-2791 CAO

Special Event Licence for Windermere Fall Fair

A Special Event Licence has been issued to the Windermere Community Association for the Windermere Fall Fair to be held in Windermere on September 21, 2014. Contact: Dan McNeill 250-489-2791 Manager of Building & Protective Services 

Discretionary Grants in Aid (DGIA)

  • The City of Fernie will receive $1000 from the Electoral Area A DGIA account for the sponsorship of the Canada Day Celebrations. Contact: Mike Sosnowski 250-423-1029 Electoral Area A Director 
  • The Baynes Lake Senior’s Housing Society will receive $1200 from the Electoral Area B DGIA account to go toward the purchase of a memorial bench and chairs in memory of long time community volunteer Jane Carlson. Contact: Heath Slee 250-887-3483 Electoral Area B Director
  • The City of Cranbrook will receive $1000 from the Electoral Area C DGIA account for its Mosquito Control Program. Community Futures East Kootenay will receive $600 from the Electoral Area C DGIA account to go towards a memorial bridge plaque in honour of Gerald Joliffe. Contact: Rob Gay 250-489-4242 Electoral Area C Director
  • The Columbia Wetlands Stewardship Partners will receive $1000 from the Electoral Area F DGIA account and $750 from the Electoral Area G DGIA account to go towards operational and project costs. Contact: Wendy Booth 250-345-6155 Electoral Area F Director –  Gerry Wilkie 250-347-9841 Electoral Area G Director
  • Wildsight will receive $250 from the Electoral Area G DGIA account to go towards their Eco Kids Adventures program. The Steamboat Mountain Music Society will receive $500 from the Area G DGIA account for the annual Steamboat Mountain Music Festival. Contact: Gerry Wilkie 250-347-9841 Electoral Area G Director


  • Thursday July 31, 2014 Committee Meetings TBA 
  • Friday August 1, 2014 RDEK Board Meeting 9:00am Kootenay East Regional Hospital District 11:15am 

For more information, please visit our website: www.rdek.bc.ca or follow us on Facebook and let the news come to you: www.facebook.com/eastkootenay 

Public Hearings:

  • Tuesday, July 15, 2014—7:00pm Wasa Community Hall – 6145 Wasa School Road, Wasa

Bylaw No. 2528—Electoral Area E Zoning & Floodplain Management Bylaw No. 2502, 2014 – Amendment
Bylaw No. 2, 2014 (Moan Road/0790656 BC Ltd.)

  • Tuesday, July 22, 2014—7:00pm Baynes Lake Community Hall – 468 Jaffray-Baynes Lake Road, Baynes Lake

Bylaw No. 2523—Baynes Lake Official Community Plan Bylaw No. 2319, 2011 – Amendment Bylaw No. 4,
2014 (Sharpe Road/Seaborn)
Bylaw No. 2524—South Country Zoning and Floodplain Management Bylaw No. 2320, 2011 – Amendment
Bylaw No. 6, 2014 (Sharpe/Seaborn)

Public Meetings:

Steeples Official Community Plan & Zoning Bylaw
Upcoming Visioning Workshop
Wednesday, July 9, 2014—7:00pm
Wardner Community Hall

Elk Valley Community Directed Funds Committee
Friday, July 11, 2014—1:00pm
Fernie City Hall—Council Chambers

Columbia Valley Community Directed Funds Committee
September 8, 2014—10:30am
Windermere Fire Hall

Central East Kootenay Community Directed Funds Committee
September 11, 2014—3:00pm
Heritage Inn Cranbrook