The CVCS work crew has been at work on the Radium Pump Track for a week   now and it is starting to take shape! About 60 dump truck loads of dirt have   been brought on site and a more will be added next week.

Feel free to visit the site and check out the hard work. You can even bring   your bike and get a little pump on trying out the completed portion of   the track. A junior loop has also been completed and is ready for youth   or those new to pumping. Riding a pump track is intense and a lot of fun.   You’ll be surprised how quickly it’ll get your breath going.

If you have a couple of volunteer hours here or there to help the work   crew that is also appreciated. The crew has been working weekdays   from about 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. If you have the time, please stop by during   these hours and lend a hand. For more information on volunteering   contact

The Radium Pump Track is located to the north west of the four-way stop in   Radium. To get there park beside Rotary Park on Forsters Landing Road in   Radium. Take the footpath down to the Sinclair Creek Trails. The pump track   is right there.

The Radium Pump Track is a partnership between the Radium Rotary Club, the Village of Radium Hot Springs, and the Columbia Valley Cycling Society.