The CVCC worked with CVCEDO, Ryan Watmough and Shawn Wernig of Egg Plant Studios to give the Community Events Calendar a new and fresh look. Whereas previously you could only see the events in a list format now you have a choice.

“This new look makes it easier for those people that are visual and want to see the Valley’s event laid out in the traditional calendar format and I happen to be one of those people.” said Ryan Watmough CVCEDO.

“This new look is really going to help everyone, those planning their time and those planning events. We really appreciate the support of the CV Community Economic Development Officer Ryan Watmough on this initiative.” commented Susan Clovechok, Executive Director CVCC.

Both Ryan and Susan noted that Shawn from Egg Plant Studio was very responsive to their request and were pleased by how quickly he was able to adapt the existing content and create this new view of the many events that take place in the Columbia Valley.