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BC Tech Co-op Grants Program
For Small Technology Firms 
The BC Tech Co-op Grants Program is delivered through co-op departments at BC post-secondary institutions. It encourages student training and job readiness through work terms with small technology firms.
Who’s Eligible?
Small technology companies are matched with first-term co-op university students. If it is the company’s first co-op employee in five or more years, they are matched with students of any term.
Benefit to Companies
Companies gain access to enthusiastic and innovative talent at an affordable cost, the opportunity to train students to meet their needs, and vet co-op placements for potential future hiring.
Employers receive a BC Tech Co-op Grant of $2,700, which is up to 25% of the student’s salary, with the remaining 75% to be paid by the employer. This is equivalent to about one month’s salary of a typical four-month (16 week) work term


Supporting Employment for People with Disabilities

The Government of British Columbia announced the new Technology@Work Program to be delivered by the Neil Squire Society. The Program provides Assistive Technology equipment, products and services to enable British Columbians with disabilities to secure and obtain work.


The Technology@Work Program is designed to:

  • support employment for people with disabilities in British Columbia who are currently or just about to start working or volunteering
  • provide eligible Assistive Technology, Products and Services to individuals who have work and volunteer related barriers
  • offer services to individuals and employers

Apply for Assistive Technology and Supports by visiting the Technology@Work page.

BC Jobs Plan 
Key Services for Employers
Small businesses are the heart and soul of communities and the economic engine of BC. 
Each month BC FundCONNECT will spotlight three Key Services for Employers.
Check out the resources featured this month!

Access Business Support Services
Small Business BC provides one-on-one advisory services, business plan reviews, and online resources to BC business owners.
Do Business with the Government
BCBid lets BC businesses access, create, browse and compete on public sector opportunities.
Accelerate Your BC Tech business
BC Venture Acceleration Program supports BC tech companies from the start-up to success.

Get Youth Working! Program Funding Update 
As of June 26, 2015 – The Program has met funding extension targets and is no longer accepting applications.
Thank you for making the Get Youth Working! Program a success!

Canada-BC Job Grant

The Canada-BC Job Grant has successfully met its application targets for the 2015/2016 fiscal period.  
No new applications are being accepted at this time.  
The Grant is expected to reopen to applications in January 2016 for training that takes place in the 2016/2017 fiscal period.
Stay informed with BC FundCONNECT for up to date program changes, requirements and processes in the coming months.

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