The Columbia Valley Chamber of Commerce typically sends 2 delegates (usually the Executive Director & the President) to the BC Chamber AGM. And every other year the board has committed to send 3 delegates (incoming President). The CVCC board of directors believe that it is important to our membership, and our local economy to have our voice heard at the provincial level.

At the AGM delegates are provided with training, information sessions and relevant speakers to help them make their “home” chambers more relevant and more effective to their membership. The BC Chamber is recognized as the most successful business association in Canada in regards to effecting government policy and we believe that the policy / resolution review process at the AGM is what has made the organization so successful.

Each year we receive the BC Chamber Resolutions Manual to review. The CVCC board reviews the document in detail and at the AGM our delegates meet with other chambers from the East / West Kootenays  to review the resolution and discuss the potential impact on our region should the resolutions be adopted. During the Policy Sessions (2 full afternoons) all the delegates (200 – 300) go through a rigorous process using Roberts Rules to accept or not accept each of the proposed resolutions. The process of review and voting is very thorough and critical to our role as a chamber who advocates on behalf of their membership.

If you wish to become more involved with policy work at the local and provincial level the Policy/Advocacy Committee of the CVCC is accepting members – please contact Susan Clovechok for more information.