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August 24, 2015
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The Public Affairs Update is your weekly insight, perspective and analysis on politics in British Columbia and Canada.  This newsletter is brought to you by the largest and most broadly-based business organization in the province, the BC Chamber of Commerce – the Voice of Business in B.C.

Federal Leaders target votes in battleground B.C.

Leaders of the three main federal political parties all visited British Columbia this week, as the polls showed a heated battle for the province’s 42 seats in the House of Commons.

Conservative Leader Stephen Harper was in the Comox Valley on Vancouver Island Thursday and Friday. He spoke at a rally in Black Creek on Thursday, then travelled north to Campbell River, where he announced $15 million to enhance B.C.’s salmon habitat and marine environment. All week, Mr. Harper faced questions about the Mike Duffy trial.

NDP Leader Thomas Mulcair spent three days in British Columbia. He was in Vancouver on Thursday, announcing an NDP government would create and maintain 110,000 child care spots in B.C., at a cost to parents of no more than $15 a day. On Wednesday in Surrey, he promised 2,500 more police officers across Canada. The day before in Courtenay, Mr. Mulcair focused on climate change, announcing the NDP would provide new funding for emergency response and disaster relief related to wildfires and floods.

Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau spent two days in British Columbia. He was in Victoria on Thursday to promise enhanced assistance for Canadians caring for an ill family member. On Wednesday in Vancouver, Mr. Trudeau promised more options to promote a health worklife balance. That includes amending the Canada Labour Code to provide every federally regulated worker with the legal right to request more flexible working conditions, including flexible start and finish times, and the ability to work from home.

Green Party Leader Elizabeth May re-announced her opposition to the Northern Gateway Pipeline and Trans Mountain Expansion Project, and proposed a ban on supertankers in B.C.

NDP leads competitive race in B.C.

The latest B.C. numbers from Abacus Data show the NDP leading with 34% of the decided vote, neck and neck with the Conservatives who are at 32%. The Liberals are close behind at 24%, with the Green Party trailing in fourth at 9%..

B.C. Legislature returns for six weeks in September
British Columbia MLAs will return to work in Victoria at the end of September. The Legislature will sit for six weeks starting September 28.