Fall brings new business opportunities to Invest Kootenay

October not only brings beautiful fall colors and an abundant harvest to the Kootenay region…Invest Kootenay has a wealth of new business opportunity listings to show off.

These listings are just a sample of the wide array of business opportunities to be found at ImagineKootenay.com

Interested in seeing more local business investment opportunities or commercial properties for sale? Check out InvestKootenay.com/investment-opportunities

Invest Kootenay is a partnership of Kootenay-region communities who have joined forces to attract, retain, and expand business investment in the Kootenay region. The Invest Kootenay partnership’s commitment to attracting investment has made a difference. Within the past five years, there have been 30 confirmed investments in Invest Kootenay listed opportunities, representing $6M in direct investment to the region. Seven of these investments have occurred since January 2014.

For more information:

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