The BC Chamber Policy and Positions Manual is now available online in electronic format, at .

The BC Chamber of Commerce appreciates the countless hours of preparation that both member Chambers and Boards of Trade and the BC Chamber Policy Review Committee have put into the policy resolutions that were developed, debated and eventually passed at the AGM policy sessions in Victoria this year.

The BC Chamber will also be uploading individual policy resolutions as PDF documents for those who prefer to download specific resolutions, as opposed to the entire manual. Individual resolutions will be uploaded later this week and you may access them at:

The BC Chamber policy process is second-to-none in ensuring that the Chamber generates innovative policy solutions. Our network’s grassroots, bottom-up process fuels evidence-based analysis, and provides on-the-ground insight into the needs of our communities, the values of stakeholders and community members, the very people who power BC.  In short, it is only through direct input from the members – that the BC Chamber policy process continues to offer real solutions to real challenges facing businesses from every nook and cranny of the province.
This year’s manual includes the first 2 policies ever submitted for review by the Columbia Valley Chamber of Commerce. As previous reported both policies, (found on pages 118 & 119) are related to access to capital for small business, were adopted unanimously by the BC Chamber members.

Enjoy the read, and please don’t hesitate to contact Susan Clovechok at should you have any questions.