Mountain Biking

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The Columbia Valley has some of the best mountain biking trails in the province. From the low lying valley floor to the steep mountains, there is something for “bikers” at all levels of fitness and experience. The Columbia Cycling Society has been working alongside with Trails and Recreation sites B.C. to provide sustainable, well maintained, sanctioned trail for bikers of all skill levels. Maps of these trails are available from the Cycling Society’s website or by visiting one of the valley’s information centres.

The Columbia Valley Cycling Society works hard to secure and maintain legal mountain bike trails and riding opportunities in the area. We want mountain biking and non-motorized trails to be around for the long-term. The CVCS has had the Mt. Swansea Trails, the Johnson Trail and the Junior Johnson legally designated as multi-use mountain bike trails. In 2012 the Kloosifier Trail on the Toby Bench will join this list as a CVCS maintained trail. We are pleased with the results of our efforts to date and we are working to create more — a lot more – legal trails in the area.


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