Hiking / Mountaineering

Hiking / Mountaineering

Hiking is where it’s at in the Columbia Valley. Thousands of trails cover thousands of miles and take the outdoor enthusiast into spectacular country.

Take your choice of mountain ranges…the Rockies or the Purcells – you can’t go wrong. If you’re the type of person who needs to get somewhere fast to relax, check out the various Heli-hiking outfits. They’ll get you to the out of reach places quickly, drop you off and pick you up.

For more maps, directions, trail conditions, and help finding a hike that is right for you please stop by one of the valley’s Information Centers.

Greenways Trail Aliance

Kootenay National Park Trail Report

Alpine Club of Canada

Columbia Valley Huts Society

Hiking images from around the Columbia Valley

Submit your favorite hiking picture to info@cvchamber.ca  be sure to include details such as location, date etc.

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