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The Movement Company

Address: Unit 104- 7th Ave Invermere BC

Ph: 250-342-6600



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The Movement Company, located at Parkside place, provides you with strategies and exercises that help you move and feel better.  Owner, Patti Acheson, originally from Calgary, first opened up The Movement Company as a Pilates studio, and shortly after, she wanted to go further with her work, and provide more services to help people stay healthy and fit.  

With the Movement Company, Patti works with your whole body, getting you to use different muscles that you may not use as much, so you have more to rely on to help you move in day to day activities.  She works with every client individually, and will work with you on a program that is directed specifically at your mobility goals. 

Having moderate Cerebral Palsy, I am very fortunate to be able to walk, and want to keep up my mobility. For years, my family and I have always wondered how I could better my mobility and my balance. We often thought of going to Calgary to see different doctors, and maybe go to a walking clinic. Then, about a month ago, I started attending free walking sessions at our local Community center, that were led by Patti. While there, I told Patti I had Cerebral Palsy and wanted to improve my walking. Right from day one, we spent one to one time together, walking around the community center, with Patti giving me tips and tricks to improve my walking style. We work a lot on balance. I walk with a cane, and Patti encourages me to put less pressure on it as I walk, and trust my legs more to hold me up.   From day one, Patti and I made an instant connection and she invited me to do some sessions with her at the Movement Company, and since then, I have been coming every Thursday to work with her. 

Patti is very sweet, and incredibly passionate about her work. More importantly though, she is passionate about people. She truly wants them to feel good.  She is a very holistic movement therapist. She cares deeply for all of her clients and has a very big heart. Whenever I go to a fitness class, I always wonder what the instructor would think about working with someone who has Cerebral Palsy, and, although, never had a client with the diverseability, Patti was enthusiastic right from the start. 

In our sessions together, Patti pushes me to try doing things with my body that I have never tried before. She is so encouraging, no matter how many times you make mistakes, or forget how to do something. She always explains why she is getting you to do something, and how it impacts your body.   I get so excited to visit this lovely lady every week.  

I have greatly benefited from going to physio therapy throughout my childhood, and, as an adult, wanting to improve my mobility, this just takes things a step further.  I am just beginning my sessions with Patti, and I already feel like I am getting stronger and more confident with walking.  For anyone who wants to learn how to better their mobility, pay Patti a visit! You will be so glad you did! Everybody should have the pleasure of  knowing Patti Acheson.

level PULL door
nice resting bench to sit down on in the sunhine
This machine is called the "True Stretch". You go inside and hold on to the bars, in different positions, to stretch the body in different ways! I've never stretched like this before, but it is a great way to do it! It stretches everything!
Patti helps me a lot with my balance. This excercise she has me do is holding out a bar in front of me and walking. It's one of my favourites. Its a tough one because I have not done it much before, but it is fun!
We do leg excercises, stepping out to the side, back
washroom door with an easy grip handle
Here, I am attached to a band and harness that is attached to the wall. I walk out and practise balance with it. I was surprised how secure I felt in it!
You could definitely fit a wheelchair under this sink!

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