Access the Valley- Rainbow Donkey Kids Clothing

Rainbow Donkey Kids Clothing

Ph: 250-342-4470

Yesterday, Cassy and I visited a few stores in  Parkside Place. Parkside Place is a platzel like area right downtown, across from the AG (Associated Grocers) store. This building holds stores along the bottom level, and apartments on the top. 

This particular store is Rainbow Donkey Kids Clothing, a stores that sells very cute clothing for little kids, as well as toys and games.   Some of the clothes sold here are from Stripes, a base layer clothing company Cassy owns, that sells really cute under clothes that keep kids and their families warm in the winter (perfect for ski trips). 

Rainbow Donkey is a fun place for the whole family to shop, and quite spacious to move around in. If your in town, looking for a place to shop, with kids in tow, or maybe looking for presents for a kids birthday, or baby shower presents, give this store a try. 

half way
Check out Cassy's Stripes clothing, warm and groovy base layer clothing to keep kids warm in the winter!
this is the childrens books and toys section. I can reach the books on the shelf from my chair hieght
made it
Really cute childrens clothing here! I can reach the clothes from my chair hieght
wide aisles

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