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The Mountain Hub


Mobile: 408-627-0551

1036 7th Ave, Invermere, British Columbia, V0A 1K0 Canada (PO Box 2672)

The Invermere Hub is a new business that has come to town this summer. It acts as a quiet space for people to come and set up "office" at a desk with their computer and work. You rent a desk space for a certain amount of time, bring your laptop, and a lunch ( there is a small kitchen with a fridge, sink and dishes), and stay for a few hours. They have free coffee and tea available. What more could you ask for? They have rooms that they rent out to people who have small buisness. One is massage a therapy room, whitch could be benificial to some people with diverseabilitilies. They host workshops, and have markets.

The owner of the “Hub” Megan was so friendly, and seemed very interested in making her business friendly to people of all abilities. Before it was the “Hub”, I thought the previous owners made a great start in making it easy to access for me, and Megan just seemed to want to go that extra mile, and kept asking us about things that would make the access even easier. She had so many questions and ideas She spent the whole time Cassy and I and tried to see everything through our eyes. She offered to find a solution to the front door not having a button. She said that she would put her cell number on the black board on the side of the building for people to phone her cell if they needed help getting in to the building, or having a doorbell alert app on her phone that would let her know if people are at the door that may need assistance.

I had never thought of an idea like this before , but it a great one. If you have a long todo list of paperwork that needs to get done, but find it hard to do it with the distractions in your home, stop by “The Hub”. They will help you get down to the grind!

doors are wide with a level threshold. While, there is no button. Megan, the owner of the space said she would leave her number on the blackboard by the door so people can call if they require assistance with opening the door
I can comfortably wheel my chair into the table with lots of leg room
Nice sitting area with space for a wheelchair
wide hallways for wheelchair
wide bathroom toilet off to one side
Spacious office space that people can rent out to work in or run their business out of. These spaces are quite large and give lots of space for moving around
I can reach the fridge from my chair height. Forrest and Cassy have this fridge in their house, and Cassy says it works well. The only suggestion we made was to put a cloth over the lower freezer part, so people in chairs don't run into it and bump their knees all the time
spacious kitchen area with quite low counter tops that I could reach while sitting in my chair
I can fit my chair under the sink and reach taps

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