Access the Valley-Lake Dorothy Trail

On Wednesday, Cassy, Forest and I walked around and did of review of one of my favorite trails  in town, down by Dorothy Lake. Accessible parking is available at the CP Lodge for tag holders, where is there is an accessible bathroom open events or accessible bathrooms are also available at Kinsmen Beach Park, near by, during summer months starting in April to October.

My mom and I often enjoy walking on this peaceful trail. It is paved all the way around, so it is great for people with mobility devices to go on. It is quite long distance, so, you can get a good walk in. You can also get a good sense of what being outdoors in Invermere is like, what with all the trees surrounding you as you go through it.  You often will see painted turtles sitting on a log in the water, or sometimes a blue heron at a great lookout through  a  pretty clearing in the trees towards the end of the trail.

In the summer, people swim in the pond, use row boats (no motor boats), or fish from a small dock that is stationed on land now, but will be out by summer. The area is only for fishing by kids under 12 and those needing mobility access.

This is a great walk  to go on by yourself, or with friends. When you come to our valley, check out this gem!

We started our walk on the trail by Pynlogs

Dorothy Lake trail video

Posted by Access the Valley on Friday, April 27, 2018

Handicapp parking by the CPR station. This building is a great venue to use for events, weddings etc.
Forest where Forrest and I could almost wheel side by side
This is new! This connects the trail to the bottom level of the Station Pub. It makes it so people with mobility devices can wheel from one to the other without worrying about getting their wheels stuck in the gravel, which is a common concern with wheelchairs.
This sign tells of the wildlife that lives in Dorothy Lake. I can get close enough to read it in my chair
Forrrest is at the top of the hill and I am on my way down. This is a good representation of the gradient of the hill. We got down safely though.
This dock has a ramp built onto it so people with mobility devices can go on. It is not pulled out in the water yet, because the water is not high enough, but it will be by summer.

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