Access the Valley- Evolve Fine Used Furnishings

Evolve Fine Used Furnishings

Address: 3rd Ave, Invermere BC

Phone:  (250) 341-7051


Hours:  Wednesday- Saturday 8am-5pm



Cassy and I were excited to make a visit to Evolve, as we knew it was going to be a great business for us to review because our friend Spring Hawes, former mayor of Invermere, and Quadrapelegic, previously owned it. She has recently moved to Kelowna, and, now, her mom, Maxine has taken over the store. Having experience being in a wheelchair, and having to rely on accessible businesses, Spring has had to make her store completely accessible to her, which, in turn, makes it easier for all to access. As you can imagine, we had quite the chat with Maxine about accessibility in town, and what it is like having a diverseability. She was great company and an excellent host.

When Cassy and I visited Evolve, a lot of new furniture had come in, so the store was a bit crowded, but normally, someone in a wheelchair could get around. I brought my cane that day to offer a different perspective.

If you are visiting town, are in need of some new furniture, and wanting some classy Invermere souvenirs, check out Evolve! You'll be happy with what you'll find!

navigating around store. Right now is clearance time at Evolve, so they just got a ton of stalk in, making it hard to clear paths, but normally, a wheelchair could get around the store
level door with push button
Me standing up with my cane to talk at eye level with Maxine at her desk
level doorway

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