Access the Valley-Copper City Liquor Store

Copper City Liquor Store

Ph: (250) 342-9246

Address: 1310  7th Ave Invermere BC V0A 1K4

Hours: Monday- Sunday 9am-11pm

The Copper City Liquor Store is located around the corner from Copper City Saloon, right across from the Invermere Bakery.  There was quite a lot of stalk in there, but I could navigate the store pretty well with my cane. The staff member there that day was very nice, and more than willing to let my friend Shelly and I come look around and take pictures of their store. They have a large selection of cold, alcoholic beverages.   If you are in town, and, are off to a party with friends, and need to make a quick beer stop, go to the Copper City Liquor Store

level entryway and a PULL front door
Nice carved out lowwer space in check out counter where someone in a wheelchair would be able to talk to the staff member at the till at eye
A PULL handle to get the beer fridge open. Important!
wide aisles

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