Access the Valley-Circle Health Food/ Fullfill Zero Waste Market

Circle Health Food and Fufill Zero Health Market

Address:926 7th Ave Unit 102, Invermere, BC V0A 1K0

Ph(250) 342-2552


There is an access button on the store side of Circle Foods. Circle is open from 8am-5pm, but the store does not open until 9, and that is the side with the button. Assistance may be needed to get into separate restaurant door.

Circle Health Food + Fullfill Zero-Waste Market has gone from a cafe and health food store to a Circle Health Food and Zero waste market. Their goal is to educate and inspire people to buy and use things that are more environmentally friendly. They provide organic, healthy soaps and encourage customers to bring their own containers to collect some to bring home! They also have fresh fruit and vegetables to buy, and lots of health foods and protein mixes. They do have baked good and wraps and sandwiches to eat, but they do more of a take out, grab and go service, which is great if you are busy and want to grab a coffee on the run. The business has indeed changed, but it still has the very friendly, smiley, helpful staff, and they want to help the environment! Can't get any better than that Check them out!

The space that divides cirlcle cafe and circle health foods store
The staff here are always friendly and helpful, always what they can do to make it easier for me to maneuver around café and try to make my tome there as enjoyable as possible.
I could fit my wheelchair into the washroom and transfer to the toliet independently. There is a grab bar to assist people as they pull themselves up from the toliet, and there is also a change table for parents who have young children.
I could easily get to and pull into a table, and the staff would bring my order out to me.
On a warm summers day, the picnic tables on Circle cafe's patio is a lovely place to sit and have lunch, or a snack and coffee.

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