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While Crissanna and I were down at the beach with RAD, we thought it would be a good opportunity to do an Access the Valley review of the Whiteway. The winters here often get long, but one warm, sunny winters day out on the whiteway somehow makes up for it! My mom and I love going on the whiteway when it’s nice out, either with my manual wheelchair walking with my cane, arm in arm! We are often in awe of the beauty around us, as we walk around the loop. If the weather is nice, you will often see many people out on the whiteway walking, skating, in adaptive equipment, or pushing strollers, with big grins on their faces!. The Whiteway has really become a gathering place for people to get out of the house and come and enjoy the beauty of winter! The Whiteway is another spot that puts Invermere on the map! It’s so famous that it, 2014, it was put in the Guinness World Book of record for being the longest skating risk, being 30km in total. There is also a pretty well known AMAZING video that went around social media broadcasting the whiteway. Check it out!! You really get the sense of what it’s like to be on it, and also what’s its like to be part of this amazing community. The idea of the whiteway started with a small group of locals, and Toby Creek Nordic Ski Club, who began plowing it, and it took off, and is now the “new thing” to do in the winter. Their goal was to have a skating path that connects communities along our Lake Windermere. You can access the Whiteway from 3 access points: Kinsmen Beach, Invermere Bay Condos, and Windermere beach. There is a small donation of a daily $5.00 user fee. You can also purchase a year round membership at tobycreeknordic.caStaying here over the winter? Come out and enjoy the intense beauty of the whiteway. What are you waiting for? Get out here and come join us!!

Posted by Access the Valley on Thursday, March 7, 2019

Winters can indeed be long in our Columbia Valley, but there are a couple magnificent tourist attractions here, that, on a sunny day, can make them all worth it. One of them is our stunning, 2014 Guiness World Record Book winning, Lake Windermere Whiteway.  When the conditions are right, you can find the whole town out on the ice, seeing how far they can skate across our incredible frozen trail.  The Whiteway becomes like a gathering place in the winter. People lucky enough to live by the lake can look outside their windows and see people having a blast out there, walking or skating. There are families with kids getting pulled around in sleds, or pushed in strollers. Tanelle Bolt of Invermere’s RAD Society has made it accessible to all by bringing out her adaptive mountain trike that can go out on the ice.   There are groups of people playing ice hockey out there. People in manual wheelchairs or who use walkers or canes can get on the ice and stroll along the loop from the end of the beach. My mom and I love walking around the loop, and saying hi to everybody, while we take in all the winter beauty. On the Toby Creek Nordic Ski Club website,  it mentions a $5.00 user fee for people that come out on the ice, which can be paid at a kiosk in the middle of the lake. (2014).   

The Whiteway was started by the Toby Nordic Ski Club, whose goal was to have a skating path that would connect the communities along Lake Windermere. Currently, the Whiteway has three access points; the main one being by Kinsmen Beach, another by Invermere Bay Condos, and a third by Windermere Beach (Toby Creek Nordic Ski Club,2014).   

When the Whiteway got in the Guisness World’s book of Records, for the longest skating path (30km) in the world, of course Invermere thought that was a pretty big deal, and they decided our beautiful ice path deserves some media attention (Toby Creek Nordic Ski Club,2014).  So, a video was made about it, to broadcasting the trail, as well as our amazing valley in the winter time.  You can check it out on YouTube under “World’s longest skating trail- The Whiteway- Take Me There” (Toby Creek Nordic Ski Club,2014).   

There is so much beauty in our valley, and a magnificent way to check it out in the winter, is to visit the Lake Windermere Whiteway. We know you might not always want to get out in the snowy weather, but once you go out on the pristine lake, you will want to come back again and again.  Its closed now for the year, but come winter 2019, we’ll see you there.  



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