Access the Valley- Radium Hot springs Center

Radium Hot Springs Center

Address: 4863 Stanley Street, Radium  Hot Springs BC

Phone: (250) 347-6455


Just this past summer, the town of Radium celebrated the very exciting opening of its amazing, new Community Center. This beautiful gathering place is a great gift to Radium. It is on "Stanley Street", west  of the Information Center.  

 Many donations from the community have poured into giving Radium a new Community Center, and, it was worth every penny! They did a spectacular job! This center is a very large, and very classy space that is painted in earth tone colours. This Community hall holds 186 people, and, usually, big events are held in a very spacious “Great Room”.  A couple community events have been held here this year, such as a fundraiser party night to raise money for a local who is going through cancer treatment. This was a great success, a night of fun and dancing, and the community center gave a great space to show our community coming together for each other.    

This room looks out onto the gorgeous, scenic forest area. You feel like you’re in the woods. It is a fantastic space to hold an event, so, if you're looking for somewhere to host one, give them a call! 

The Center also has a kitchen that can be booked for catering groups, or anybody that is wanting to host their own party A their own food. They have a beautiful library to get cozied up and read a book, or to do some research with computers.  The lovely librarian, Jackie Wagner was so sweet and was happy to see us. She wanted to pick our brains on what they can do to make their space move inclusive and accessible to all. We had a great chat 

Cassy, Forrest, our friend Tanelle and I were all very impressed with the building, and felt as though they put a lot of thought into making it accessible to as many people as possible. It is probably one of the most accessible places we have reviewed in our valley.  A job well done to all those involved with the building and creation of the Radium Community Center. It is a center your community can be proud of, that’s for sure! If you are coming to Radium, do not forget to pop in, and take a look at the incredible work they have done! 

level doorway threshold into main event room
Forrest could get onto the stage in his wheelchair with the ramp. This room is used for big events in the center and for guest speaker presentations
door opens with an accessible push button
wide doorway and hallway with stick on entrance mat
stairs in event room have metal dots on them to help people who have visual impairments know where they are stepping
PUSH door into great room
wide hallway with an exit door that is easy light PUSH door
PULL door into Community Hall Kitchen
railing by ramps to help people with mobility struggles with balacnce
Forrest by a beautiful sink that is low enough that he can reach to wash his hands from his wheelchair
accessible washroom door
grab bar by toliet to assist people with mobility challenges from sit to stand
grab bar by toliet to assist people with mobility challenges from sit to stand
grab bars by urinals to help people with mobility challenges balance
space in washroom for Tonelle to park her chair in and use toliet
PULL door to get into great room (a bit heavy)
Beautiful bench in great room to sit on, rest, and look out at that amazing view
big windows to look out on that gorgeous view
These chairs are comfy and great for people in wheelchairs to make transfers too
There was a space carved out in the librarian desk for forest to be able to get close enough to talk with the lovely librarian Jackie Wagner
tables in multipurpose room where people can come to work
tables in multipurpose room where people can come to work
a ramped deck that looks out over stunning scenery! They plan to out railings up around it.
These are great tables for people who are in wheelchairs to get up close to
the handicap button for this door is out of order, but the entry way is nice and wide
Crisanna reading a magazine in a very comfy couch in the sitting area
childrens section- story time, and lots of fun activities happen here
PUSH door into the amazing balcony tha I could open myself
accessible outhouses!!

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