Access the Valley- Oriental Palace

Oriental Palace

Address:    925 7th Ave, Invermere BC

Ph:     1 (250) 342-8308

Hours:  Monday to Friday:  11:30am-9:00pm

Saturday and Sunday: 12:00-9:00pm

The Oriental Palace is now the only Chinese food restaurant in town, located on main street, right across from Circle Café and Health Foods Store.  It is open seven days a week, and offers a buffet as well as waiter/waitress style service. If you do come in a wheelchair, there is a ramp on the side of the restaurant but the door at the head of that ramp has no handle, and it has to be open from the inside of the restaurant.  The easiest way for you to access the restaurant would be either to  come with someone who can go around and open it for you, or , call the restaurant ahead to help you,.   It is always a great night when you order Chinese! Some of my favourites  types of this  cultural foods are ginger beef, lemon chicken, and of course, chicken fried rice. You can enjoy a hot meal in the restaurant, or take the food home and enjoy with your family. Chinese Food is a fun, yummy choice for a night out or a night in , and you can find it all here. 

PUSH door into washrooms
space under sink for a wheelchair
Front entrance with steps
handicap parking across the street
ramp into the restaurant is on the right hand side of the building
A person wold be unable to open the door, as there is no handle. If you do go, phone the restaurant ahead of time , so there will be someone there to open the door for you
I can reach the buffet station from my chair
space for me to wheel my chair around restaurant
buffet plates on low table
hallway to washrooms (a bit of a tight fit)
easy bathroom stall lock
PUSH door to get out of restaurant
I could fit my chair into a washroom stall but i had to be careful
washroom with a grab bar to assist people who have mobility challenges up and down from toliet
most accessible entrance
I can wheel my chair down the hallway (a bit of a tight fit)

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