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Evolve Fine Used Furnishings

Ph: (250) 341- 7051

Address: 315-3rd Ave Invermere BC

Hours: Wednesday: 10-5

             Thursday: 10-5

              Friday: 10-5

              Saturday:  10-5



Evolve Furnishings is a store that was started up by well-known Invermere alumni, Spring Hawes. Spring, who was on Invermere council for a few years, is a quadriplegic, and requires full accessibility wherever she goes.  Having a business that is tailored towards her needs, so she can work in there independently, means that it accessible to her customers as well.  A couple of years ago, Spring moved from Invermere to Kelowna, and, her mom, Maxine Hawes, took over the store.  As you can probably guess, Maxine is almost as passionate about accessibility as her daughter is, and wants to make sure everybody can access her store with ease. Maxine is very approachable, and great to chat with. She’s a friend of ours. We have things in common, what with all of us being part of the diverse ability community. We had quite the discussion about diverseability and accessibly.  

The furniture Maxine sells is beautiful, second hand furniture that is hip and modern. Currently, they have no accessible parking outside their store. It is best to park across the street at Syndracate Board Shop.  


level door threshold
navigating around store. There usually is space to move around, but Maxine was very busy with a clearance sale, so, there was lots of stuff around

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