Access the Valley- The Station Neighborhood Pub

The  Station Neighboorhood Pub

1701 6th Ave, Invermere BC

On Wednesday, Cassy and I were lucky enough to have Cassy's husband Forrest accompany us to the Invermere Station Neighboorhood pub to help us with an accessibility review. It was great to have another person that uses a wheelchair with us to offer their own perspective on a business.

The Station Neighboorhood Pub has a gorgeous view as it looks right over Invermere's Kinsmen Beach.  In the winter, people can eat inside by a window seat and watch skaters go by on our famous Whiteway, and, in the summer,  they can sit outside, on a large, wrap around deck and enjoy a beer and the sight of kids and families playing down by our pristine Lake Windermere. 

The Pub is now  a family friendly restaurant.  A couple of years ago, it changed from having a family dining side, and a bar side, to now being a restaurant open to all ages.  Often, there is entertainment; sometimes they have live singers or bands come in to play, and usually, on Wednesday nights, they host a Trivia night, as a fun event for people to come to with family or friends.  Just for a warning, on night like these, the pub can get quite packed, which would make moving around harder. 

All in all, the pub is a pretty spacious building to move around in. The staff are cheerful, friendly, and helpful, and, of course, their pub food is always delicious! If you are in town, don't forget  to stop by for a fun night and a great meal.

The station Pub has two sets of doors. This is the outside door that has a ramp up to it! This door is a heavy PUSH door
These are the doors to the inside of the restaurant. They are heavy PULL doors.
Big bathroom with grab bar by toilet to assist someone who has mobility issues pull themselves up and down from the toilet. There is also a changing table for parents with young children.
Layout of the Station Pub. Forest has quite a bit of space to move his manual wheelchair around. The Space can be quite crowded on a busy night.
Wide door that would fit a wheelchair into the washroom
Forrest can reach the sink to wash his hands from his wheelchair.

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