Access the Valley- The Invermere Bakery

The Invermere Bakery

1305 7th Ave,
Invermere BC V0A 1K0 

Many people that come to Invermere, stop by to visit our famous bakery. The bakery seems to be the hang out place for both locals and tourists in town. People enjoy coming in to relax and have coffee  and a treat with a friend, our stopping to pick up a locally made goods.    In the summer time, or during the holidays, the Bakery can be jammed packed.

The bakery is a cozy place to go for a treat and a cup of hot chocolate. Peter Banga has owned the Bakery in Invermere since the 1980's,  and it went under renovation. making the inside a bit more modern looking.

The bakery attracts all ages groups; older people meeting for coffee, teens meeting after school, and parents with young children, enjoying a donut or a cookie. I always like to go on Thursdays, as it is Copenhagen special, a delicious iced pastry.

The staff are always lovely, helping me get whatever I need.  The Invermere Bakery  is a must stop when you come to the valley.

The doorway is on level ground. There is no button so a person with a mobility challenge would need assistance getting in.
People can glance at some goodies the bakery puts on display as they go through the check out line. The counter is at a lower height so people in wheelchairs and walkers can grab items easily.
The bakery walkway has a non slip mat to prevent slipping.

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