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750-4 St, Invermere BC V0A 1K0

Sobeys Invermere

On Monday, Cassy  and I made a visit to our local Sobeys. Sobeys is a chain grocery store in Canada, which used to be known as IGA(Independent Grocers Alliance). 

In Invermere, tourists spot Sobeys as one of the first big stores they see up on a hill as they drive in to town. 

Sobeys is a big space to move around in, and has friendly staff that offer great customer service.  They are very much involved  in their community, as they donate food  to different causes around town.  Recently, they donated buns for a hotdog sale  to a fundraiser at our local middle school to help raise money needed to build an accessible garden for all students to work and learn in.

Sobeys is great  place to shop, so, tourists, before you start your amazing  vacation in beautiful lnvermere, B.C., stalk up on some party food here.   You will be  glad  you did!  

Level and wide Sliding doors for wheelchairs and walkers to get through
reaching items from the fridge from a standing position
opening fridge door ( very hard to do this in my wheelchair)
unisex handicapped washroom that welcomes parents with young children as well.
The deli counter is pretty high for someone in a wheelchair to be able to talk to a staff member but..
Reaching fruit from astanding position
reaching down to meat at a lower level If you have trouble cutting meat up, like I do with my one hand, and you ask ahead of time, the staff in the meat department will pre cut you package of meat for you.
Large washroom with a bar by the toilet to assist people who struggle with mobility and balance sit down and stand up from toliet
The friendly staff are willing to come around and assist you with anything you need.
wide aise to walk or wheel down. The staff is very friendly and will help me put my on my handle bars when I am in my chair, and they are also good about helping people carry their groceries to their vehicles.

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