Access the Valley- Kicking Horse Coffee

Kicking Horse Coffee

491 Arrow Rd . 
1-888-287- 5282.

My mom and I made one of our accessibility visits here as it one of our favorite coffee shops to go to. Kicking Horse is a very trendy place to have a hot drink and tasty treats. You can  find Kicking Horse as you drive into town, on the right hand side besides a big grocery store called No Frills.  Kicking Horse is unique as its organic coffee is brewed locally,  and its  free trade brand started in Invermere.   Kicking Horse is a very large space, which makes it easier for people  in wheelchairs to get around. In the summer, they have picnic tables set up along a long bench outside which is a lovely, warm spot where many people eat, a lot of time either besides their children or pets. If you are up for having lunch in a classy, upbeat place, with friendly and helpful staff, come to Kicking Horse Coffee.

large accessible parking spot right by the front door
Level door threshold for wheelchairs and walkers to go through with assistance.
Kicking Horse has great, friendly service. The staff there always greet us with a smile.
layout of the café. The aisles are wide, but the fill up fast when the it is busy in the summer
large bathroom with grab bar and changing table. (heavy door to open)

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