Access the Valley- Home Hardware

Invermere Home Hardware

9980 Arrow Rd. Invermere BC.

The Home Hardware is located just as you come in to town from Windermere, right across from Kicking Horse Coffee. People can come to the Hardware and find different tools for any sort of project they may be working on, weather it be indoor or outdoor. The staff at Home Hardware are very friendly and willing to help out customers with whatever they need. This store is very welcoming to  people and  pets on leashes.  Often there will a popcorn machine popping popcorn for any customer that may walk by to take and munch on as they shop.  It seems that made an effort to show inclusion of people of all abilities, as they supply an extra wheelchair and walker for those who need them. They also have push shopping baskets that can make shopping easier from a wheelchair. If you are in of supplies and want  great  service, come to Invermere's Home Hardware! 

There is a bigger bathroom stall in the washroom with a grab bar to assist people up from and down from the toilet.
There is a big accessible parking spot right next to the front door.
Home Hardware supplies an extra walker or wheelchair for people who may need them.
wide aisles
When I was here on an accessibility visit, Home Hardware had just put in these new sliding doors. These are even easier than button operated doors for people with mobility challenges.
The walkway has a non-slip mat so people do not trip over it, which can be a specific hazard for people with mobility challenges.
They have push baskets that make shopping much easier when your in an electric wheelchair. You can operate your chair with one hand, and hold the basket on your lap with the other.
My walker can fit under the sink and the tap is "hands free".

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