Access the Valley- Her Public Boutique

Her Public Boutique

Address: #108-901 7th Ave Invermere BC

Hours:  Monday- Friday: 11:30-5:00

Ph: (250)- 341-3337


Her Public, another store that is located in the Parkside place buildings, is a very popular, trendy clothing store. Lots of teens and young adults enjoy shopping here for clothes, my sister being one of them. It was relatively easy for me to walk around in. Keep in mind, it is a small space, with lots of items in there. The lady at the front desk was very kind. We had a great conversation with her, and she was willing to spend a bit of time with us.  It is nice having a few chique clothing stores in our little town for locals, and tourist to spend time browsing in.  If you’re visiting Invermere, and have a craving for some nice quality clothes shopping, Her public will be a great start.  

level entryway with PULL door
entryway with non slip welcome mat
the checkout counter is a bit high, but the staff can always come around to offer assistance to people who can't see over it.
small change rooms. A manual chair might be able to fit in here
low bench to sit on

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