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Copper City Liquor Store

Address 1310 7th Ave, Invermere, BC V0A 1K4
Phone: (250) 341-3344
Hours: Sunday to Saturday 9am-11pm

Eddie Mountain Memorial arena is a very popular local rink located at the end of the west side of downtown Invermere, by the start of the Dorothy Lake Trail, and by the big inuksuk in town. Many local kids grew up playing hockey in this arena, with many of their parents coaching, so it has a special place in a lot of family's hearts. A lot of kids also learn to skate at this rink, and do skating competitions here. I have skated in this rink, and have even played hockey with my grade 12 grad class. They pushed me around in a manual wheelchair, and I got to hit the puck around with everybody. That was definitely a school day to remember for me.  One of the very hospitable and kind staff members showed Shelley and I around the rink and gave us information about it. He took us upstairs in their new elevator to a big room that can be booked out for events like meetings and birthday parties for hockey or skating kids. It was a huge room, and very nice.You could watch people down on the rink right from that room,as there is a huge viewing window in the room. You can get the best view of the rink in that room. Shelley and I were very impressed at the changes made at the arena to make it more accessible,especially the new elevator they put in. All in all, a very accessible building.Hockey fans, if you are touring around our in off seasons, and are dying to get on the ice, come to Eddie Mountain Memorial Arena for a skate!

handicap parking and bench to sit down on outside
They now have an elevator that goes up to the second level of building! This is very exciting! I used to go to a math tutoring group upstairs and it was a lot of work to climb the stairs. This makes things much easier!
space inside elevator with control buttons to raise it up and down, a grab bar for support, and a phone to call someone in an emergency
NICE ramp with railing to get up to lower seating
My friend in his walker pushing the handicap button on the rail that comes out from the side of the building to open the door
Outside of elevator has buttons to operate it. Ask staff for key
This is the room upstairs that is used for meetings, and sometimes birthday parties for celebrating after a skate. You can book it out. They have a kitchen, that you can use, and look at the view of the rink you get ! Wow!

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