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British Columbia,
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This week, Cassy and I decided we better make a visit to visitor center of the Chamber of Commerce to show off the accessible features of their building, as they are the ones that are supporting us doing this project. Cassy and I very much appreciate all the positive feedback and the willingness to help us the chamber has shown. They seemed to really appreciate our idea, and what we stand for, and are as excited as we are to go forward with this.

We had a great visit with the chamber. The main staff members we chatted with, Susan, Laurie, and Barb, were very enthusiastic, and had many positive comments to say about Access the Valley. The wanted to know what we enjoyed about our work, and if there was anything they could do to help things run a bit smoother.

The Chamber of Commerce is the place to go for tourists to go to check out all the services our beautiful valley has to offer. The ladies there were very approachable, and they were very willing to have a conversation with us about how to best provide service to customers coming into their office who may have struggles with mobility, or other challenges.

Thank you again to the Chamber for supporting Cassy and I with our Access the Vallley project. We are really enjoying working together on this, and are thrilled that we both can find a way to give back to our wonderful community of Invermere. Personally, I  have never had a  job like this, where I feel as though I  can  give back to the community  as  this job does,  and Cassy and I  love being able  to work together,  and form a new, wonderful friendship, and great  business relationship.  

handicap parking spot by back of building
2nd handicap parking spot by the front door
larger washroom stall with a grab bar by the toilet to assist people who struggle with balance pull themselves up and down from toliet
carve out in sinks for a wheelchair to pull under
main area of the visitor center with space for people to around with assistance
this staff working desk would be a bit high for someone in a low to ground wheelchair to see a staff member helping them, but the staff are rarely at their desk, and are very approachable and friendly to talk to.
This table is great for people in wheelchairs to pull under

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