Access the Valley-Radium Hot Springs Visitor Center

Radium Hot springs Visitor Centre

Address:  7556 Main St E, Radium Hot Springs, BC V0A 1M0

Ph:(250) 347-9331

Hours Open:Mon-Sun 9:00 to 5:00


paved path going all the way around building


Radium Visitor Centre, which is located on the left-hand side of the strip of stores as you drive into Radium, gives tourists information about the Columbia Valley. I was very impressed at this beautiful building, how much it offered, and how accessible it was.  It is a place for people of all ages. Downstairs has pamphlets on different sites to see in the valley. The staff member, Brittany, who ended up being our tour guide when my friend Shelley and I went yesterday, said that they often get a lot of school groups in as well as families with young children.  Upstairs, there is an interactive play room for kids, but it also has a lot of historical information about our valley that would be very interesting for adults as well. They have a 3D model of the Rocky Mountains, which is amazing! There is a lot of historical native culture shown, and hides of animals, whose stories Brittany told us all about. With the interactive play for kids, there are buttons that call out different types of bird sounds. Not only is this great for kids, but also, some people who have autism really enjoy things like this as well.  

Brittany showed us wonderful hospitality.  She was with us the whole time, giving us information, and seemed very concerned about accessibility. We talked about the possibility of elderly people coming to visit, or kids who have mobility needs coming to visit, with their schools or families. We talked about what it would be like moving around in the room upstairs for any of them.  She knew who I was, what Access the Valley was, and what our mission was right away, and said she loved what we were doing.  

The Radium Visitor Centre is very interesting. Thanks again to Brittany for spending time with us, and showing us around. We really appreciate it. To get information on our beautiful valley, or to get a fun educational time with kids, pay them a visit.   


I could see staff over desk from a standing position
paved path going all the way around building
Look at all these animal hides! There is a story behind every one!
accessible parking spot right by the start of the walkway to the center
elevator for wheelchairs to get onto upper level
Automatic button for opening doors to your left
small gift shop. I could reach items on shelves from a standing position
educational room with interactive equipment Often kids come with parents or with schools to visit. Brittany says sometimes it can get crowded if there is lots of people
large washroom with grab bar by toilet to assist people with mobility challenges from sit to stand

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