Access the Valley- Columbia Valley Center

The Invermere Public Library and Community Center

Columbia Valley Center: 
646 4th Street. Invermere BC. 

Community Center Phone: 250-342-5271.  
Library Phone: 250-342-6416 



Contact Person: Nicole Pawlak

Invermere Community Centre

Cassy and I were eager to do an assessment on Invermere's new Community Hall and library, as we knew it would have features that would appealing to people with mobility challenges.    The new space can be found just as you drive in to town, right by the traffic lights. This year, both the library and the Community  Hall moved to a bigger building, which gives people more space to move around. This space seems to attract many people, young children coming to participate  in story time,  and older  people checking out books, or to use the computer.   This new big, bright space has large windows letting the sunlight in.  Downstairs, the Community  Hall is a great, large space where our valley can come together to celebrate different events.  Council has worked hard to make sure people can access the facility with ease. The staff are always  very friendly, and  helpful, always asking what they can do to help me.  When you come to town, make sure you come to the Community Hall/ library.

Handicap parking space right next to door to the library with a curb ramp up onto the sidewalk.
All of the doors in the building have level door thresholds and buttons to open them
The library has wide hallways for people to walk down
I could go into both the library's washroom space, and the community halls accessible stall with my wheelchair. Both had grab bars in them with which I could pull and lower myself to and from the toilet with
The liabrary has a sitting area where people can come and read, chat with friends, eat, or work at. I can maneuver my walker around the tables and pull it into a table.
Wide, Open space to move around that is used for community events.
I could also fit my wheelchair into the Community Hall washroom and tranfer to the toliet independently. There were grab bars to assist me with pulling and lowering myself onto the toliet.
elevator that can transport people to 2 different levels in building( Community Hall and Liabrary)

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