Radium Hot Springs Pools

250-347-9485 or hot.springs@pc.gc.ca
Adventure & Recreation
CategoryAdventure & Recreation
Address5420 hwy 93 , Radium Hot Springs, BC
ContactKarin Smith -
Fax250 347 9244

Radium Hot Springs, Kootenay National Park – This spacious hot mineral springs pool is set amidst the dramatic rock wall setting of Sinclair Canyon.  Open year-round offering two pools, day spa, gift shop, hiking trails, picnic area, and great wildlife viewing.

Accessibility Notes:

My friend Crissanna and I really enjoyed our swim in the magnificent Radium Hot Springs Pools. We felt like we were one with the nature, as we were nestled in the mountains. It is a very popular tourist attraction, as it is one of the first stops people come across as their driving into the valley. I love going swimming. Being in the water gives me so much freedom, as the boyancy of it makes it easier to move around. I can do anything in the water: run, do jumping jacks, do cartwheels, anything! Radium Hot Spring lets people with diverseabilities take their caregivers in the pool to help them for free. A couple of years ago Radium did a renovation, and through a bit of trial and error processes, it is now more accessible. It even hosts Special Olympics for people with diverseabilities. Thank you Radium for your effort in making your pools more accommodating to people of all abilities

Accessibility Features:
- Level walkway with rails under a cool tunnel with bars all the way to the pool
- Handicap Parking on upper and lower levels
- Level doors
- Spacious main building
- extra wheelchairs for people who visit who may need more support
- Accommodating staff

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