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Address417 - 10th Avenue , Invermere, BC
ContactKeith Irwin -

Centrally located at 417 – 10th Avenue in Invermere.  Full range of health and beauty products.

Accessibility Notes:

The Pharmasave is a nice big and central building on the way into downtown Invermere. This building is relatively new, about 7 or 8 years old, and hold a Doctors office, Drug store, physio clinic, medical supplies store and a hearing clinic. The staff were very friendly and seemed to want to talk with us about our project and accessibility. The Pharmasave has caring staff that will do their best to help you feel great!
I must give a big shoutout to the physio therapist who have helped me with my stretches and excercises every week for many years! I always looked to seeing their friendly faces every week! Physio was a big part of my life, and they always made going more pleasureable.

Accessibility Features:
-low counters
- big washrooms with bars ( you need a key to get in to main one downstairs. Ask for help.)
- low physio bed
- wide hallways
- medical supplies (wheelchairs, walkers, etc)
- low shelf height

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