Inspire Floral Boutique Ltd.

250-342-0383 or
Florists/Garden Centres/Nurseries
CategoryFlorists/Garden Centres/Nurseries, Jewellery, Shopping & Specialty Retail
Address1046A - 7th Ave PO Box 2310, Invermere, BC
ContactAlita Bentley - Owner

Inspire Floral Boutique is a new flower and gift boutique in downtown Invermere. Created by the fusion of Canterbury Flowers and Be Gifted, Inspire continues to provide fresh flowers, and inspired gifts, jewelry, home decor and spa products.

Accessibility Notes:

- handicap parking, with ramp right in front in leading to sidewalk, stores
- there is a bit of a lip into the stores, my chair can do it
- space between two stores to turn around
- easy grip door handles
- non slip mats
- counter height view from standing position
- shelving heights
- wide hallways

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