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Shopping & Specialty Retail
CategoryShopping & Specialty Retail
Address905 7th Ave , Invermere, BC
ContactBarry Maybuck -

Athletic store – Sports equipment; Skate sharpening & Skate, snowshoe and cross-country rentals; Footwear; Dance & Gymnastics wear; Bathing suits; Beach accessories; Yoga & running wear; Women’s and Men’s Fashion & Sports clothing; Hockey; Baseball; Soccer; Lacrosse; Basketball; Volleyball, and more.  Check us out on Facebook
Location:  905-7th Ave Invermere/across from AG Foods

Accessibility Notes:

The Inside Edge Boutique and Sports Store is a little store, located in a little corner right across from the Circle Café and, our big blue grocery store, AG (Associated Grocers) Foods. It sells both sporting equipment, and sheik clothing. It is a small store, but there was enough space for me to move around once I got inside. The ramp and door made it a little difficult for me to maneuver into, but, this is a different situation for each person with a different mobility need. The ladies working there that day were very friendly, and were willing to watch me try to get in the door to see where I had difficulties. They are more than willing to help anybody get in their store.

If you are looking for some sports equipment, or some trendy clothes, check out Inside Edge!

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