invermere1-1Travellers driving between Radium Hot Springs and Fairmont Hot Springs might not realize that by taking a short detour off the highway, they will find one of the most beautiful towns in the world.

Invermere-on-the-Lake is a community of 3,500 permanent residents on the northern shore of Lake Windermere.

There are two public beach areas—Kinsmen Beach near the downtown, and the James Chabot Provincial Park at the north end of the lake.

The downtown centre—the entrance marked by a bronze statue of explorer David Thompson and his wife Charlotte Small—has a charming, flower-lined main street with shops, pubs and restaurants. Among many other businesses, there is a bakery and a delicatessen; two pharmacies, an artists’ co-op, bicycle shops, a health food store, three banks,a furniture store, two antique stores, three large grocery chain outlets, a pioneer village museum, and a historic movie theatre.

Tourism and real estate are the driving forces behind the building boom that is taking place in this lovely community as it continues to be “discovered” each year by thousands of newcomers.

There are five real estate agencies based in Invermere that can help you find your dream home.

The newly-renovated Pynelogs Cultural Centre at Kinsmen Beach hosts arts events throughout the year by the Columbia Valley Arts Council.

During the summer, many festivals and events take place. Wings Over the Rockies, a birding festival, is held each May. Every Saturday morning, there is a thriving Farmer’s Market downtown. Canada Day offers a parade, beachside events and fireworks. Valley Appreciation Day in July draws thousands of visitors. Loop-the-Lake in August continues to be a valley favourite as people run or walk 60 kilometres around the entire lake. There is also a triathlon, a wakeboard competition, a mountain bike race, a paragliding competition. December – March is the Winter-in-Motion Festival one of the highlights being the biggest outdoor bonspiel in the world is held on the surface of Lake Windermere along with the annual Snowflake Festival and Taste of the Valley in January.

Text provided courtesy of the Columbia Valley Pioneer. Photos courtesy Raven Media. Maps provided courtesy of and copyright the Columbia Valley Map Book.

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