Dee Conklin – 1st Vice-President (2015-2020)

Dee Conklin – 1st Vice-President (2015-2020)

Dee Conklin is the owner of Palliser Printing in Invermere. Dee was born and raised in Montreal and often says she can’t believe she has settled in a Village of 800 people after being such a big city girl all of her life. She moved to Calgary in the mid 70’s where she raised her 2 boys while building a career in Printing. In 2000 Dee and her husband became second home owners in Radium but quickly decided this was where they wanted to live fulltime.

Dee got very involved in the community in many ways; the last being as Mayor of Radium Hot Springs for 6 years. Dee is passionate about working towards regional cooperation and feels we are all stronger if we work together. With her experience in the world of politics she is now able to bring a greater level of knowledge towards achieving those goals.

Dee wishes to join the Board of the Columbia Valley Chamber of Commerce because she is impressed with the direction the Board has been taking in the last few years and wants to be part of its future helping Business in the Valley and feels with her local government background she can offer her experience to the Board. Dee has served the CVCC membership consecutively since 2015. (Dee was the president in 2007)

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