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(minimum contract 3 consecutive months)

Bldg Sign

Sign Rentals:

The Columbia Valley Chamber of Commerce has 3 sign rental opportunities.

  1. Downtown Invermere near Sobeys
  2. Hwy 93/95 in front of the CVCC building with both south & north exposure. 10″ letter visible upto 450 ft.
  3. Hwy 93/95 – just before crossroads south facing only – 2’x2′ for logo image

sign rates

Downtown Invermere (near Sobeys) –  Once you’ve booked this sign with our office the sign is yours after 7pm on the previous evening of your sign booking. The Letters can be picked up at Majestic U-Brew (400 Laurier St. Invermere /1 block west of the Dairy Queen) The business hours are 10am to 6pm, Monday to Saturday and open some Sundays. Phone Bob at 250-342-0059 if you have questions. The best way to work the letters is to write down what is currently on the board and compare it to what you need to say and then take down the un-needed letters and pick up your needed letters. Please keep letters organized for the next group.

Hwy Sign – Once you have booked your space on this sign the 2ft x 2ft logo signs can be ordered from Sign Artists and you are responsible for paying for the sign and we’ll have them installed for you.

Bldg Sign – Our newest sign opportunity faces both north and south and is visible at 450ft. Book the sign let us know what you want on the sign and we’ll install it for you.

Newsletter Advertising

  • Sign Banner Ad – $50 – 1 x rate
  • Coupon/Footer Ad – $25 – 1 x rate

Call the office for details and run dates.


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